hi internet person! welcome to my digital home. please pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea if it makes you feel more comfy.

I’m Kristin schultz and i reside in kansas city, mo with my creative and awesome husband michael and our two furry dogs. my studio space is located in the river market.

By day, I design gift wrap and gift bag collections for hallmark, and by evening and weekend and any spare chance i can get, I am an artist and tinkerer—a painter, illustrator, surface designer, jewelry designer of yaysayer goods and maker to the core.

the common thread among all my mediums is always color, energy and shape. i am inspired by humans of all ages, but especially by the carefree spirits of 4 year olds and those with quite a few years under their belt, so to speak.

I strive to capture an aspect of that carefree joyous vibe in all of my work. Not always a because I feel it all the time — and in fact moreso because it quite literally helps me to cope with life and all its happenings. i hope that my crazy colorful world gives you a little jolt of happiness in your day.